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  • Ubuntu's purple love-- A Clean and minimalistic wallpaper for your Desktop.

Compass.app on Ubuntu for free

I've been using SASS and Compass for close to a year now, SASS particularly with compass, is great for CSS authoring. Some of its key features like nested selectors, variables, mixins and functions are now invaluable to me.

Python script to fetch mp3 files from ex.fm

Its been just a few months since I started learning Python and I've already managed to learn a range of new things. I find python so easy to write that I've started to use it for all kinds of things. Yesterday I wanted to fetch some mp3 files from ex.fm so I started looking for quick and dirty way to do it. 

Dark Ambiance theme for Ubuntu 12.10

Ever since I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 I've somehow managed to keep my Desktop look nice and clean with Dark context menu and nautilus sidebar.

Flask support for SublimeText

This is my first blog post of the year. I like to confess that I'd actually lost interest in this blog for all this time because of my college and work commitments. However, I've decided to start blogging again and publish at least one post per month.

Mic not working in Ubuntu 12.04-- Solved

Ever since I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 I 'd been experiencing problems with my mic, for some reason ALSA did not recognize my internal/external mic. So I went on looking for a fix on google and found a temporary solution which was installing pulse-audio controller and tweaking the input sound settings. But I had to fiddle with pulse-audio controller every time I had to use my mic. Since this wasn't a real fix I continued searching, but all I could find was bug reports filled with launchpad and a few askubuntu answers which were of no use.

Inner Shadow effect using Gimp

I've been using Gimp for quite some time now, and it may not be as powerfull as photoshop but currently it's the best possible alternative to Photoshop you could find. Gimp is Open-source photo editing tool and is versatile in nature as it supports python scripting which allows users to add additional functionality to it.

Using URL alias in Firefox

Having Aliases for Url's can be a real time saver on web-browsers, I myself sometimes have trouble remembering the simplest url.